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How We're Different A Word from Our Founder, Maria M. Ochoa CLU®, ChFC®

“My parents, my sister and I fled communist Cuba and landed in this great country as immigrants. Leaving all extended family behind, we arrived with $50 in cash and 3 changes of clothes. We eventually settled in Charleston, SC where I grew up. Through the generosity of others, hard work and the Grace of God, we were able to achieve the American Dream. Humility and gratitude were ingrained in me at a very early age. These two qualities remain the cornerstones of my life today.

I entered this business because I saw first-hand how difficult it can be to make the right financial decisions. I work mostly with small business owners and high net worth individuals helping them find the right financial path. We value having open and honest working relationships and will work with you to determine which path makes sense for you and your family. We are deeply committed to our clients and consider them our close friends.”

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